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Programs & Tuition

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Sprouts is ideal for children who are 12-18 months old as of Sept 1st. Our Sprouts are welcomed into Grace Preschool with a parent or caregiver as an introduction to school and an opportunity for socialization for the youngest Grace learners. Caretakers and children enjoy singing, listening to stories, art activities, and the opportunity to move and explore. It also affords the

caretakers a chance to get to know others who

are raising children the same age. This

program benefits both the children and

their grownups! This is a perfect start

to your child's early childhood journey.

September - May

Wednesdays (w/grownup)




During the fall, our Seedlings are welcomed in to Grace Preschool with a grownup. Together, they engage and enjoy singing, listening to stories, and interacting with other children. As our Seedlings become more confident and secure, grownups fade away, and our little Seedlings begin to engage in experiences which promote socialization and development of language skills. It provides our Seedlings the opportunity to explore activities in music, art, story time, and play. This is a perfect start to your child's early childhood journey.

September - December

Tuesdays and Thursdays (w/grownup)


January - May (Drop-Off)

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00-12:00


Our Twos teachers create an environment that is nurturing, accepting, flexible and calm. They encourage curiosity, and seek to gain understanding through "doing." Children in our Twos program gain a positive impression of the school, develop self-help skills, become more independent, and learn cooperative and group play.

3-Day Twos

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings - 9 to 12

5-Day Twos

Monday - Friday Mornings - 9 to 12

Please note that this class was designed for older twos.



Our Teachers in the Threes program create a warm and welcoming environment that nurtures friendship and emotional growth. Our goal for the children in the Threes program is to provide a sense of independence and self-confidence while instilling a love of learning at an early age. Through a mixture of play and structured activities, our program sets a solid footing for an exciting academic journey.

3-Day Threes

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - 9 to 12

5-Day Threes
Monday thru Friday - 9 to 12
Extended days are available for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on a yearly basis.

5-Day Full Day Threes

Monday thru Friday - 9:00-2:30 

Lunch Bunch Option  

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 12:00-2:30 


Our Pre-Kindergarten teachers strive to create an environment that combines a solid educational foundation that is warm and fun. We infuse learning with play and provide rich educational experiences to encourage growth. To prepare for Kindergarten, we focus on phonemic awareness and basic numeration skills along with building healthy relationships.


Monday thru Friday - 9 to 12

Pre-Kindergarten Plus 

Monday//Friday - 9 to 12
Tuesday/Thursday - 9 to 2:30

Full-Day Pre-Kindergarten 

Monday-Friday - 9:00-2:30

Lunch Bunch Option   

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 12:00-2:30 



Kindergarten is a time of growth, change, challenge, and opportunity. Students in Kindergarten are active, joyful, and engaged in making meaning from the world around them. Grace teachers intentionally create classroom communities and cultures that support children's intellectual, social, and emotional growth. The variation among kindergarteners is wide, and the teachers meet each of their students where they are. Kindergarten is a time to build a foundation, gain confidence and develop a love of learning that our students will take with them long after they have left Grace. Our program prepares children for a variety of elementary school settings. Whether children move on to independent, public, or parochial schools, they will leave Grace well-prepared for the year ahead.


Monday-Friday - 8:30-2:30

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