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Special Services at Grace 

Exciting news! This March 21st, we have an excellent opportunity to come together and wildly celebrate Down Syndrome Day – we're inviting all of you to participate in Rock Your Socks for Dean. This year’s event holds an extra special place in our hearts, marking Dean’s final year with us at Grace.


Dean's journey at Grace began when he was only two years old. I remember meeting Kate during the pandemic. Kate, whose daughter Dillon was in Kindergarten at Grace, approached me one day with a simple yet impactful question: Would you ever enroll a student with Down Syndrome at Grace? Without hesitation, my answer was a firm, OF COURSE.


One simple conversation at the carpool led to the introduction of early intervention services at Grace Preschool. Through partnerships with Eleni Bowden, SLP, and Kate McDermond, MS, OT/L, the preschool now offers free occupational therapy and speech screenings to every student, with outstanding results. Grace remains steadfast in its commitment to providing these services to all students. If you are interested in helping us support these important endeavors, please visit our page on giving.  


This March 21st, let’s make Dean's Down Syndrome Day unforgettable and demonstrate our unwavering support and admiration for all he has brought to our community. Rocking your most vibrant, mismatched, or unique socks is more than just a fashion statement—it's a symbol of our collective celebration of differences, inclusion, and the incredible impact that Dean has had on each of us at Grace.

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Did you know Grace Preschool has a Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist on staff? We met these incredible women when their children were students at Grace, and we are thrilled to offer their services at school again this year. Grace pays for screenings of all 3-year-olds (and any new students that teachers recommend), which is a $40 value. Fast facts about SLP and OT services:- Grace is the only preschool in the Baltimore area that provides a FREE SLP and OT screening for all students aged 3 and up. The screening results will be shared with parents, and if the provider recommends services, the parents can then decide if and when they would like to move forward with services at school. -Grace provides a space for OT and SLP during school hours. Seeing children in their school environment is the gold standard in therapeutic intervention and decreases the parent's burden. The child will be seen in school where they are comfortable and do not have to take time to be transported to a separate space at the end of the day. We have seen tremendous growth in the students Eleni and Kate have worked with over the past 3 years!


Are you passionate about something specific? Designate your donation!

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Grace Preschool recognizes the critical role of early intervention in speech and occupational development. We proudly absorb the cost of speech/language and occupational therapy screenings for all new students and those recommended by our teachers. These screenings enable us to pinpoint areas where additional reinforcement might be needed, giving our students a solid foundation for future success.


We understand the importance of partnering with parents to seek early intervention services within and outside school. Our ultimate goal is to provide every child with the tools and resources they need to reach their full potential. Studies have shown that receiving speech and occupational therapy services in the least restrictive environment is ideal for students. Although Grace Preschool covers the cost of each screening, parents are responsible for individual provider services. We hope to one day provide financial assistance to families who may struggle to afford these services.


In 2023, Kelly Keenan and Jason Trumpbour generously gifted $15,000 to the Grace Fund, requesting that it be used to support early intervention services at our school. We were thrilled to honor their wishes and are grateful for their support. If you share their passion for early intervention services, please consider designating your donation to Special Services at Grace. Your contribution would be invaluable to us and greatly appreciated.

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