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Our Commitment to Learning 

A message from our Director, Tami James 

At Grace Preschool, we believe that every child has the right to a safe and secure childhood. Having the confidence that they are being well cared for allows children to push their limits and explore their capabilities. Although each child has a different level of comfort, as they begin to explore their environment through social interactions, play, and learning, we ensure that all children at Grace feel cherished and protected. 

It is our privilege to get to know each child in our care and discover how they learn best. Whether it be sharing a toy with a friend or learning to write their name, we delight in sharing in the mastery of new skills.

Preschool teachers have the amazing opportunity to shape children’s view of school for their lifetime. We believe that providing children with an exciting, dynamic first school experience can set a child up for a life-long love of learning. Stability, assurance, and a loving environment instill self-confidence. A combination of enriching, age-appropriate activities with positive guidance helps children make positive choices in their daily lives.

At Grace, children become part of a community. Together we read books, tell stories, explore nature, express ourselves artistically, develop relationships, practice social skills, and learn to support each other. Most importantly we play! All of us at Grace believe that children learn best when they learn through play. 

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