Math and Science

At Grace, we believe that children learn best through hands-on projects. Our Twos start their math and science journey by learning about the seasons and basic counting skills. Every child sits down with the teacher to complete a project, one on one, every day, creating an ideal opportunity to introduce number skills and individualize your child’s learning experience. 


Through blocks and building materials, children strengthen spatial awareness and collaborative work. Puzzles and focused table work provide a strong foundation in understanding how numbers interact.


Older children will begin to work with math manipulatives and learn number concepts through small group instruction. Our Fours classes explore basic math concepts and science principles through integrated thematic projects. When children reach Kindergarten, they continue to deepen their understanding of math concepts in small group work. Our Kindergarteners also benefit from specialized science instruction once a week with a dedicated science teacher who introduces the scientific method of inquiry and helps these curious children explore the world around them.


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