Grace Kindergarten

Kindergarten at Grace preschool is pretty special! We believe that our program accomplishes two things; we provide children with a year of growth and maturity with regard to academic and social/emotional development before entering into an independent school setting where children are often at the older end of the age spectrum, and we also prepare children entering First Grade in local public schools. Our amazing teacher-to-student ratios allow for plenty of individual attention and personalized learning. This small, intimate program promotes confidence and a love of learning while strengthening classroom skills and early academics. A perfect balance of academic instruction and learning through play is what makes our program unique. The boys and girls in Kindergarten are the leaders at Grace, and their experience prepares them to be confident, independent, and eager students in elementary school.    


Language Arts in Kindergarten is quite important. We offer a balanced literacy approach that meets the needs of each learner where they are. Our small class sizes allow for individualized instruction. The teachers at Grace use multi-sensory techniques to teach letter sounds and symbols. Visual, kinesthetic, auditory, and visual teaching strategies are incorporated into each lesson. For many children, Kindergarten is the year where literacy begins to take shape, and our teachers are skilled at coming alongside each student as they embark on this lifelong journey of learning how to read. It is their privilege to be a part of such an exciting time in their student's lives.   


Our kindergarteners learn math through hands-on and engaging math activities with their classmates. Our curriculum encourages children to talk about math, use manipulatives, and engage in activities that are fun and that require critical thinking. No matter where your child is on their learning journey, our Kindergarten teachers will guide them through these early stages and stimulate your child’s natural curiosity.


In addition to their work with literacy and math concepts, our kindergarteners explore social studies, music, art, physical education, and science! The Grace kindergarten program is truly the very best start. No matter what school you choose for your child to continue their elementary education, Grace Kindergarten provides them with a strong, well-rounded foundation and the confidence they need to succeed!