To the Grace Community, 


This year has presented us with many blessings and many challenges. I signed my contract to become the Director of Grace United Methodist Preschool on March 1st, and then, the world changed. My goal to provide a traditional preschool program for working parents became unattainable. I believe in the heart and soul of Grace Preschool, and the value of a traditional preschool experience is a gift for the children and families who come to Grace. My goal is STILL to provide this experience to working families. However, as we have all been forced to shift our mindsets this year, I have also realized that there are more pressing goals to be met. 


To that end, The School Board of Grace Preschool, Grace United Methodist Church, and I have decided to create a First Grade program for the 2021/22 school year. This decision was made to meet the needs of current families at Grace Preschool and families that have not had the opportunity and privilege to have an in-person experience during the Pandemic. 


As a long-time first grade teacher, I know how important Kindergarten, Pre-First in some cases, and First Grade are to children. The foundational skills that are taught during these years can determine the trajectory of one’s educational journey. 

Grace has been open for in-person learning since September, and we have not had one COVID transmission at our school. We have learned a lot, and we know what works to keep our children safe. The parents at Grace have been transparent and cautious. The adult Grace community of teachers and parents have partnered together this year, and I am confident that this partnership has kept our doors open.


We are excited to provide an in-person education for Kindergarten and First Grade. The uncertainty of the public school system left parents wondering what this school year would look like, and unfortunately, that uncertainty still exists. By offering these programs, Grace can offer parents the assurance of an in-person, high-quality education without the fear of what is to come. 


The board, Grace United Methodist Church, and I look forward to providing an opportunity for in-person learning to the Homeland, Roland Park, and Baltimore area.     


Educationally yours, 

Tami James - Director Grace United Methodist Preschool 


In peace with blessings,

Julia Randolph - Board President Grace United Methodist Preschool 

Rev. Amy McCullough - Reverend Grace United Methodist Church 

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